February 2023 – April 2024

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Call for applications:21 September 2022

Closing date for applications: 10th of January 2023. All required documentation must be sent to the secretariat no later than that date, otherwise it will not participate in the selection.

Selection of candidates: 3rd-4th week of January, candidates will be contacted by e-mail.

One-off payment: between the 1st and 2nd week of February, 2023.

Masters formula: full-time lectures from Monday to Friday (according to festivities, some of them might get postponed to Saturday), 6/8 hours a day for about 3 months. Curricular mandatory internship during the ensuing 6 months.

Course of study


Legend:cfu_legenda every course is coupled with its number of University Credits (UC)


Corporate Organization / Structure

Corporate structure, finance and administration. Budgeting, management control, and quality control systems.


The Pharmaceutical Market I

Pharmaceutical companies (from Research & Development to Sales functions), pharmaceutical products (Rx to OTC, generic drugs, biotech, devices, dietary supplements, natural remedies.

The Pharmaceutical Market II

Market structure (wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals, ASL – Italian local health authority – , parallel trading) Market players (doctors, pharmacists, patients, associations, etc…)

Drug Management in the National Healthcare System I

The Italian National Healthcare System (SSN) and other European Healthcare Systems, Devolution and district, Italian Medicines Agency, registration and prices.

The National Healthcare System

Pharmacoeconomy, promotion and advertising, ethics.

Pharmaceutical Marketing I

Marketing basics: Marketing and Business plan. Qualitative, quantitative and ad hoc research.

Pharmaceutical Marketing II

Marketing and communication (including Adv. Agency Brief). Market indicators. Qualitative, quantitative and ad hoc research in the pharmaceutical field. Marketing medical strategies. Marketing and business plan of the pharmaceutical product (Rx and OTC). Role of the Product Manager. Medical education. Media relations and crisis management. IT in communication: e-marketing. Promotion, information and CRM.

Market Access and Regulatory

Registration strategy (prices and reimbursement), Pre-launch strategy and launch of a new product into the marketplace, mature product re-launch strategy , Switch RX to OTC, generic drug marketing.

Communication and Specific Markets

Business to Consumer communication (for RX, OTC products and dietary supplements), Cause-related marketing, Co-marketing and Co-promotion, Optimization of the product-licensing portfolio, Forecasting, Life cycle of a product.

Personal skills

Communication and negotiation skills, human resources management, teamwork, employability optimization.


Individual work period with affiliated companies.

Final exam

Thesis writing on a marketing topic, according to the student’s tasks during the internship.