School of Pharmacy – University of Pavia – Pharmacology Section – XIII edition



Audience addressed

Graduates in Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technologies, Chemistry, Biology, Food science and Human nutrition, Medicine and surgery, Business administration, Veterinary Medicine, and other equivalent degrees. The number of participants is limited to max 20 students.

Purpose of the course

Through the theoretical background and the work placement, the aim is to prepare young people to enter the professional market with technical and managerial skills along with the knowledge of the economic systems that regulate the Pharmaceutical industry.

Soft Skills & Career Coaching @ MAMAF®

Master MAMAF program includes an innovative training path aimed to develop personal strategic skills (soft skills). This course context is the concrete one of the optimal combination of the trainee’s features and the internship opportunities offered by companies. Starting from an initial self-assessment, strengthened by the activation of a helping relationship between the students (counseling), Master leads to an ever more in-depth focusing of the personal profile of the individual, in order to facilitate a career-coaching that is guided by an expert but that always involves the group. The trainee experiences, besides the dynamics of identification and improvement of his skills profile, the educational functions of counseling and coaching, that are practical of teamwork enrichment competency and to the expression of a “leadership”, either personal or linked to a role, that is in line with the goals of continuous change and development of the organization.

Employment outcomes


At the end of the twelfth edition, 100% of the students started an internship at partner companies within 4-6 months after the lectures ended, taking contact with the national job scenario.